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"Six Bullets to White Rock" - WGAw 

Copyright 2021



Through the blood, the spit and the mud in White Rock it only takes six bullets to find justice!


As the dust settles on his past, a man finds himself in a post civil war nation as he enters the small town of White Rock in 1873. He encounters a mayor who harbors a dark secret with a band of outlaws at the town's expense in the blood the spit and the mud. When trouble arises and loves arrow hits him, Ned finds himself caught in the middle of 6 bullets, opening a door into a history where legends are born.


In 1873 there was a small town known as White Rock in southwestern MO. People were making their way to the west to the gold rush. On their way to the west, they would stop in the town to rest up and for supplies. Most people pass through, some would stay but others are up to no good. These are dangerous times and the town’s mayor and sheriff see’s things in a different light. Sheriff Ned had moved to this quiet little town to get a fresh start on life, he likes to keep his little town running smoothly. Everything was perfect in this little western town until a couple of strangers arrived. One of them seemed to keep to himself, a rumored gunfighter on the run with one hell of track record, Stockton was his name. 

A few weeks earlier a fellow named Judas rode into town claiming he had rode with the James Gang and if anyone crossed him, he would make them pay! Everyone stayed out of his way, he had a nasty reputation of taking anything he wanted and when he wanted, he even took the women whenever he saw fit. Stockton was a handsome man and one evening he ran into someone he thought was the prettiest little thing he had ever seen, her name was Rose. She was the Mayor’s daughter and had been seen in the company of Sheriff Ned. One evening at the Saloon after a long day of drinking, complications arose when Judas watched Rose walk in. Well, Judas knew he had to have her. Rose was not about to give into such a foul man, she slapped him. Judas was drunk and started to rough her up. No one was stepping in until Stockton walked through the door. Stockton had left things alone until he saw Rose in distress. That’s all it took, Stockton stepped in and proceeded to bring Judas’s plans to a close. By the time it was over Jon had beat Judas out of the bar and into the muddy street. Now this was the first time anyone had stood up to Judas in White Rock. Furious and humiliated, he swore revenge was coming.

That’s when things started to happen; horses were rustled, supplies were stolen from the general store and there was a body found down by the creek. Everyone pointed fingers at the strangers but the town had a bigger problem. Rumors were spreading about the town and of those who were disrupting the harmony in White Rock. Concerned of the future for the town, Mayor Thomas informed Sheriff Ned that it was time to set things straight. You see, this town had a secret, one that kept the town running, kept the town safe and made some people in the town rich! That’s why they really don’t like strangers, especially ones like Stockton and Judas who draw attention to them and the town. As the story unfolds we discover that there is much more to this town and there is nothing you can’t fix with six bullets.




Scott Andrew Stoltz 

Based on an original story and concept by Scott Andrew Stoltz


Creative Team, Pitch, Script Lock per Development by Buffalo 8 Productions, Advised by Legal Team - RAMO LAW,  


2022 Production Schedule, Production Budget, Covid Safety Protocol, Day Out Of Days, 

Attached: Director - Addison Henderson, Supporting Actors - Julian Seager, Lorena Sarria, Sean Cronin

Our Concept Score for "Six Bullets to White Rock" was provided by Vignolia Music,

All tracks written and composed by Michael Vignola.

Michael's wonderful compositions helped bring the listener into the world of White Rock. allowing them to become immersed in the story, His ominous notes and tension building movements conjured up emotions and the characters feelings, adding to the visceral experience that is painted to the canvas within the 107 page script as the story unfolds in a post Civil War setting.   

You can listen to samples and purchase music here:




Gravity, Interstellar, Titan Moon, Oblivion, Mars, Alien Covenant


Smuggled onto a Space Elevator on a terrifying mission to save her father’s life, a brilliant young scientist realizes she also has to save the world.

Arthur C Clarke famously wrote: “In my opinion, an elevator into space will be built about 50 years after everyone has stopped laughing about it.”

That time is now.


Creative Team, Pitch, Development Schedule & Development Budget,

2019 Script - Package Development / Legal review.

Producers: Scott Stoltz, Geoff Webb and Mike Took.

Editor: Derek Burgess - Pirates of the Caribbean, Quantum of Solace, and Guardians of The Galaxy.

Composer: Mike Newport - Altered Carbon, Everest, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Art Department: Brendan Houghton - Oscar winning Slumdog Millionaire, 127 Hours, Sunshine.

Stephen Forrest-Smith - Harry Potter Deathly Hallows, Star Wars - Force Awakens.

Written by: Geoff Webb and Mike Took - The Widow of Rattlesnake Bite.

Production Companies:

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