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Michael Vignola - Composer


Michael Vignola was born on Nov 1st, 1980, and raised in NYC, his Mother was a stay-at-home mom with aspirations in the performing arts and his Father an entrepreneur running his own home remodeling company. Since childhood, he had the innate sense of what music meant to him. His first record listening experience was granted by his grandmother, filling the room with the sounds of “Stand By Me” by the late, great Ben E. King. This ever familiar love never leaving his side, he would soon start taking piano lessons at an early age, the future composer preferred to learn by ear, teaching himself, to play the piano, guitar, and clarinet, led him to write his first piano solo as a child. Into his teenage years that love transpired after picking up his first guitar when he was 15, studying the likes of Jazz, Indie, Metal and Blues to name a few. Michael started playing in bands at the age of seventeen which cultivated him as a musician, producer, and writer. His work took him to places such as playing shows all over NYC in some of the most famous venues like CBGB's, The HardRock Cafe and going on a major tour across the country called "The Vans Warped Tour".

The Meaning Behind the Name - The logo represents, the act of having Focus and Strength through the challenges that life brings you.

The center of the logo is a pin to a compass. The concept: a compass is always true it helps you find your way. Stay centered, stay vigilant and follow the dreams that make you. 

May you always find your way.

"When stepping to the edge may I never step back"

"Your journey is like reading a book, you will never truly know until you turn the page and read"

"It's not the notes you play, but what the notes you play leave behind"

"the only walls we build and the ones we make, break down these walls"

"I am the weight that keeps you grounded, I am the pull that brings you back,

"I am the ever-steady hand that reminds you not to give up, to keep going,

to push down the walls you build, to look past the fear of failure,

Failure is but a gift, use it to wield your destiny.

Use your passion to change your future.

For it is not what we do, it's how we do it."

What am I?

Listen to Michael Vignola - Composer - click here

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Mike J. Newport = Composer

Based in Auckland and regularly working between New Zealand, Los Angeles and England, Mike lives with his actress wife and their two young daughters. Mike is signed to Sencit Music in Los Angeles for his trailer music work, and works with boutique music production house BigPop Studios in Auckland.

Listen to Mike Newport's Music - click here

SCS STUDIO FILMZ - Film Score and Collaborative Resources 

Peter G. Adams - Composer

is an ASCAP Award winning composer living in Los Angeles. He composed music for the television shows Cold Case (CBS), Close To Home (CBS), Blue Bloods (CBS) and Star Wars Detours (Lucasfilm/Disney). He also contributed to major motion picture scores like Megamind(Dreamworks) and the Oscar-nominated score for the film Rango (Paramount). More recently, he helped write the BAFTA winning score for Far Cry 4(Ubisoft) with Cliff Martinez. And he just wrapped the score for Soaked In Bleach (Valiant), a film about the death of Kurt Cobain.

Listen to Peter G. Adam's Music - click here

SCS STUDIO FILMZ - Film Score and Collaborative Resources

Ford Fanter - Composer

Based in the United States, working in Hollywood, CA and St. Louis, MO. Ford Fanter is a professional multi - talented artist that brings magic to any medium he touches. A prodigy on the rise as an Actor, Writer, Director and Composer, he is the living depth and embodiment of a true artist that exudes genius. He has worked as a composer on "The Parasite", "A Thousand Deaths" and "Bonfire Boys" ,"No Good Heroes" and "Pen"

Listen to Ford Fanter - click here

SCS STUDIO FILMZ - Film Score and Collaborative Resources

Daniele Carretta - Composer

An Italian film composer, he holds degrees from University of Padova and Conservatory of Rovigo, where he studied harmony, composition, harpsichord and organ, graduating with full marks. Daniele's education continued in Switzerland and Sweden as well as in Italy where - in 2010 - he studied with Academy Award-winning composer, Luis Bacalov. He has composed soundtracks for films, short movies, documentaries, TV commercials, videogames and multimedia applications collaborating with production companies and film directors in the USA, Europe, Mid-East and Asia.He has been awarded the "Award of Merit" at the Southern Shorts Awards for individual achievement in Music for the short film "Guardian Angel", 2016. In 2014 Daniele composed the soundtrack for the awarded short sci-fi movie "Flesh Computer", on which he has been nominated for Domani Vision Award at New York VisionFest 2014 - Short Form Score. He lives in Italy and travels around Europe, Middle-East, Asia and United States. Daniele Carretta is ASCAP writer and publisher (DCMusic) member.

Listen to Daniele Carretta - click here.

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