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SCOTT STOLTZ - PRODUCER - CANNES 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023


Scott Stoltz, Multi Award Winning Producer, Developing interesting stories from concept to completion.

Producer with extensive knowledge of the film industry, multi-award-winning creative, adept, and agile in managing film and television projects from inception to distribution. Skilled in providing technical assistance and expedient resolution to inquiries regarding development, packaging and production services. Utilizing creative and innovative cost saving solutions, based on the dynamics of each project. Focused on customer centricity, maintaining positive relationships with clients with different needs and interests, virtually or in person. Developing interesting stories from concept to completion. Including, script writing, film concept, costume design, casting, directing, cinematography, post-production management, video editing, score, audio engineering, sales, acquisitions, distribution, publicity, social media and marketing.

As Founder of SCS Studio Filmz, LLC, has built an extensive network of global affiliates that stand behind the brand. Supporting multiple clients and associated film properties in various stages of development, production and distribution. As owner of the SCS Studio Filmz channel on the ROKU digital platform, known as the first person in history, to sell a developed and branded ROKU channel in 2013. A multi-award-winning producer of documentaries, corporate videos, short films and feature films. Including, “Recording in Progress” music documentary currently out on multiple VOD, Cable and educational platforms courtesy of Gravitas Ventures. As well as many more films such as, Emmy nominated documentary Joe's Place, Captured, Stella Amore, Four Color Eulogy, The Antwerp Dolls, Casualties of the State, Assignment 13, The Beggar and The Road Kid to name a few. While attending CANNES FILM FESTIVAL 2016, Scott announced that SCS STUDIO FILMZ would be distributing films and digital content via Amazon Video and Amazon Prime. To date, SCS STUDIO FILMZ has released and credited with over 20 titles globally, listed below under content availability. Scott has completed Master Classes instructed by Werner Herzog, Ron Howard, Martin Scorsese and Hans Zimmer.



Bailey MB, Executive Producer from Atlanta, GA, a two-time Georgia State Certified Mediator by the State Office of Alternative Dispute Resolution, with a specialty in Hostage Negotiation by Harvard Lawyer, Bob Berlin. Previous experiences such as, an IRS Enrolled Agent, Global Compliance Fraud Specialist, and Founder of Lifeline Ministries Rehab for Women. She jumped on board when the film industry began its move to Atlanta with first experiences such as Red Road with Jason Momoa, RideAlong2, and various commercials etc. She is fueled by a desire to continue full time work in the industry and develop film projects with producing partnerships. She adds value from her personal experiences on multiple film sets, depth of knowledge of the film industry, and high-profile connections.

GEOFF WEBB - "LAUNCHPAD" - SciFi Action Drama - Producer and Writer

CANNES 2018, 2019, 2023


Multi-optioned screenplay writer with the Sci-fi Launchpad (SCS Studio Filmz), the Western The Widow of Rattlesnake Bite (Princ Films) and the Horror Thriller Million Dollar Shark (Princ Films) also in development. Writing has been Geoff’s great passion for decades; writing in numerous genres and formats. Attending CANNES FILM FESTIVAL has led to some fantastic contacts and long lasting relationships.

MIKE TOOK- "LAUNCHPAD" - SciFi Action Drama - Producer and Writer.

CANNES 2018, 2019


A prolific writer since a very early age, Mike Took has spent decades honing his craft. With a Theatrical degree from the UK’s prestigious ROSE BRUFORD COLLEGE he has had multiple screenplay projects optioned and now has several feature films in development, including Launchpad, The Widow of Rattlesnake Bite and Million Dollar Shark. Networking at the CANNES FILM FESTIVAL each year since 2012, Mike is also a published playwright and author (Painting Shakespeare and Overpriced Zeitgeist), and is a Content Provider for online platforms Birmingham Updates, WriteOutLoud and The Roland Crick Review. He is a member of EQUITY, the NATIONAL UNION OF JOURNALISTS and the WRITERS’ GUILD OF GREAT BRITAIN.

SEAN CRONIN - "MICHAEL" Boxing Sports Biopic - Producer, Director, Writer and Actor - CANNES 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023


Sean Cronin was born in West London to an English mother and an Irish/Welsh father but has both Spanish and Sicilian in his bloodline. Destiny struck in the early nineties and Sean was badly bitten by the film bug. Due to his intense and menacing presence Sean was asked to play supporting roles in films like THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH, THE MUMMY and HARRY POTTER to name but a few. In 2015 he played opposite Tom Cruise in MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE - ROGUE NATION!

Alongside his acting Sean is also a cinematographer and director in his own right, learning his skills on set from the best. He has shot dozens of high end music videos, short films, commercials and several features including THROW OF A DICE and the award winning AN UNFORTUNATE WOMAN. He is set to direct the period drama, IRONGATE and the heart rending life story of disabled Paul Hodgson in GIVE THEM WINGS. He recently obtained the rights to shoot the life story of London boxer, Michael Watson.

Sean is an astute and consummate businessman and artist, his attention to detail to everything cinema from inception, development and pre-production to the moment the film hits the cinema screen has earned him a reputation and respect across two continents and he is fast becoming one of the most sought after filmmakers in modern cinema.


Podcast Producer and Affiliate Actor


Devlin is a consummate professional and a professional actor with SAG-AFTRA in the television and film industry with over ten years of experience he is versed as a host, voice-over artist, producer, casting associate, an award winning casting director, PA, grip and a cinematographer that has expanded his knowledge into the growing field of Transmedia and currently hosts the Friend or Faux comedy podcast on the Jabber Jaw Entertainment.



Nadia brings the passion of film making and a vast global network to the team. Currently she is working on the Feature Film - Western "LET IT GO". She worked with the Director - Alfonso Anzaldo to secure a post production services agreement for the feature film to be provided by SCS STUDIO FILMZ. She recently worked on the ground breaking hit action film, "Blood, Sand and Gold" a co-production between México and the USA, directed by Gaellan Connell, as Art Director and an actress, the film has received global distribution via Gravitas Ventures. Nadia also worked as an actress under the Direction of Diego Luna, in the film "Mr. Pig" sharing credits with Danny Glover. She received an acting scholarship at the New York Film Academy. Nadia studied filmmaking at CAAV, in Guadalajara, México and specialized in Film Directing at CECC, Centre d' Estudies Cinematogràfics de Catalunya, in Barcelona, Spain. During that time, she worked on the film "Verónica" as Script in Figueres, Spain and as social photographer for the web page "Tillate Spain". Since 2015, She has been partner in the Production Company "Alpha Visual Factory" as Main Producer and Art Director in multiple TV commercials, short films and corporate videos. 

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